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The Doherty Institute

The Doherty Institute Vision

“To improve health globally through discovery research and the prevention, treatment and cure of infectious diseases.”

“Discover today, deliver tomorrow, inspire always”

The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity (Doherty Institute) is a joint venture between the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, combining research, teaching, public health and reference laboratory services, diagnostic services and clinical care in infection and immunity.

Named in honour of Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize for discovering how the immune system recognises virus-infected cells, the Doherty Institute is one of only a few centres in the world that brings together basic scientists, clinicians and epidemiologists who work collaboratively to solve global health problems.

Under the guidance of Director University of Melbourne Professor Sharon Lewin, a world leader in research and clinical management of HIV and infectious diseases, the Doherty Institute employs more than 700 staff who conduct a broad spectrum of activities on a daily basis: from discovery research; to the development of ways to prevent, treat and eliminate infections; to diagnosis, surveillance and investigation of disease outbreaks.

The Doherty Institute Mission

“The Doherty Institute will be an inspiring, innovative and enabling environment. We are dedicated to identifying and addressing fundamental challenges in all aspects of infection and immunity. Through our leadership, advocacy and education we will shape policy, practice and research both nationally and internationally.”

The Doherty Institute Values

Discover: we break new ground and innovate

Deliver: we work to improve health practice and outcomes

Inspire: we develop the highest calibre people to achieve excellence

Connect: we engage locally and globally with our partners, stakeholders, colleagues and community


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