WHO CC for Viral Hepatitis

Victorian Enhanced Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Project

Project Summary

As chronic hepatitis B and C are notifiable diseases, every time a person is diagnosed it represents an opportunity for intervention with the individual and their healthcare provider to enhance access to prevention and care. However, currently in Victoria there is no systematic follow-up of notifications of chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C. This severely limits the amount of useful data collected about those affected (country of birth, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, occupation, and risk factors). It also limits what is available for the purposes of informing the response to viral hepatitis and also limits the ability to appropriately respond to case where there is a risk of ongoing transmission.

The Enhanced Surveillance Project aims to improve the Department of Health and Human Services response to chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C notifications, with the aim of increasing clinicians’ awareness and engagement regarding viral hepatitis, improving care and prevention access for those diagnosed, and improving the ability of DHHS to identify cases of chronic viral hepatitis with potential public health significance.

From 1 July 2016, diagnosing doctors have been sent letters containing information regarding treatment, management and follow-up requirements for patients, as well as prevention information for at-risk populations and they encourage doctors to test priority populations in Victoria. The letters are also accompanied by an immunization form (to promote immunization for Hep B, a notification form to collect necessary patient data.

Project Investigators

Communicable Diseases Epidemiology and Surveillance, 

Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

Cheif Investigator(s): Lucinda Franklin & Nasra Higgins

WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis, VIDRL, The Doherty Institute 

Co-Investigator: Prof Benjamin Cowie

Other staff: Jennifer MacLachlan Nicole Romero 

Project contact

Nicole Romero: (03) 9342 9370 nicole.romero@mh.org.au


Victorian Department of Health and Human Services