WHO CC for Viral Hepatitis

WHO CC for Viral Hepatitis | Centre Activities

Health systems research

We undertake quantitative, qualitative and translational research to better understand how to improve health outcomes for people living with viral hepatitis and their experience within our health system. These multidisciplinary projects involve partners from government and government agencies, health services, the not-for-profit sector and community advocacy groups.

Current projects

Hepatitis and liver cancer outcomes in general practice – an intervention collaboration (HepLOGIC)

HepLOGIC aims to improve the identification and care of people at risk of liver cancer in general practice. Central to the project is a pilot and feasibility study to test a digital clinical decision-support system that uses data from general practice records to prompt risk-based testing and support the clinical care of people living with chronic viral hepatitis.  

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Coordinated Hepatitis responses to Enhance the Cascade of Care by optimising existing Surveillance systems (CHECCS)

CHECCS is a pilot program that has been funded by the Eliminate Hepatitis C Australia Partnership (EC Australia). Utilising Victoria's existing surveillance system and public health data environment, CHECCS aims to improve the delivery of care to Victorians living with chronic viral hepatitis by identifying people who have been diagnosed with viral hepatitis but have no evidence of follow-up testing or treatment.

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Victorian perinatal research project

This research project aims to comprehensively describe the current status of mother to child transmission of hepatitis B elimination efforts in Victoria, using quantitative and qualitative analyses and assessing all aspects of the health care system.

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