The Univeristy of Melbourne The Royal Melbourne Hopspital

A joint venture between The University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital




  • Detection of an extensive range of viruses including respiratory viruses, blood borne viruses, enteric viruses, herpes viruses, exotic and emerging viruses including biosafety level 3 and level 4 viruses 
  • Characterisation and antiviral susceptibility testing of selected viruses


  • Detection of sexually transmitted diseases, parasitic infections and legionellosis 
  • Characterisation and antimicrobial susceptibility testing


  • Detection of Mycobacteria of the M. Tuberculosis complex and atypical Mycobacteria, especially M.ulcerans 
  • Surveillance and epidemiological studies 
  • Characterisation and antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Basic haematology and biochemistry


  • Detection of antibody responses to an extensive range of viruses, sexually transmitted infections and parasites


Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory

T:+61 3 9342 9379

Specialist public health microbiology testing

  • Outbreak and incident investigations
  • Detection, identification and typing of food and water-borne bacterial pathogens, including major zoonotic pathogens
  • Industrial and environmental microbiology
  • Diagnosis and typing of sexually transmissible bacterial pathogens 
  • Genomic characterisation of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens and pathogens of public health importance
  • Reference microbiology  for unusual  or rare bacterial isolates
  • Specialist biosecurity services


Microbiological Diagnostic Unit Public Health Laboratory

T:+61 3 8344 5701

Other Services