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Simone Bittmann

Simone Bittmann

Simone Bittmann

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Public Health Nurse
Public Health
Victorian Infectious Diseases Service (VIDS)
Lab Group(s):
Victorian Tuberculosis Program Group

Simone Bittmann is a Public Health Nurse in the Victorian Tuberculosis Program with 20 years’ experience. After completing her undergraduate degree at Victoria University, which included receiving a scholarship to study Public Health in rural Thailand for six months, she worked at Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital. Simone completed anpostgraduate and worked in operating theatres prior to joining the Victorian Tuberculosis Program 15 years ago. She finds her work challenging but immensly rewarding, building rapport with patients and enabling successful completion of treatment whilst protecting the health of family and communities.

  • Research Groups
    • Victorian Tuberculosis Program Group

      Justin’s group specialises tuberculosis (TB) with an emphasis on latent TB and conducts activities ranging from expansion of theoretical foundations for understanding latency and risk associated with TB infection to socio-cultural engagement with communities at high risk for TB, and development of strategic public health policies towards TB elimination. The group includes researchers with expertise in a range of methodologies, including clinical research, epidemiology, mathematical modelling, ethics and interventional  research. 

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      Victorian Tuberculosis Program Group