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Professor Terry Nolan AO

Professor Terry Nolan AO

Professor Terry Nolan AO

+61 3 8344 8389 |

Head of Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group
Immunology, Viral Infectious Diseases
Clinical and health systems research
The University of Melbourne, Department of Infectious Diseases
Lab Group(s):
Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group

Professor Terry Nolan AO FAHMS is a paediatrician and clinical epidemiologist, a medical graduate of the University of Western Australia, trained in paediatrics at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and at the Montréal Children’s Hospital, with a PhD in epidemiology and biostatistics at McGill University in Montréal. He established the Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital in 1989, was promoted to Professor in 1999 and became Deputy Head of Paediatrics within the School of Medicine, and in 2001 was appointed Foundation Head of the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. He was Associate Director of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in the late 1990s, and has continued an appointment to MCRI as a Professorial Research Fellow and head of the Vaccine and Immunization Research Group (VIRGo) since then. His research has been principally in immunisation and clinical trials of new vaccines. He has over 240 publications in refereed journals. He has considerable experience in working with both Australian and New Zealand Governments and with the World Health Organisation in the provision of policy advice. He served for 9 years on NHMRC’s Research Committee, including a 3-year term as its Deputy Chair. He chaired ATAGI for 9 years. He served a 6-year appointment on the WHO principal global advisory group on immunisation, SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group of Experts).

  • Key Achievements
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    • Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group clinical studies

      Mid 2020 - 2021


      Current studies

      Quadrivalent cell culture inactivated influenza vaccine Phase III/IV 

      RSV adenovirus vectored vaccine Phase I

      Pneumococcal vaccine 15vPCV Phase III


      Planned and possible studies

      Meningococcus MenABCWY Phase III

      Meningococcus MenABCWY Phase III (prior MenACWY)

      Pregnancy RSV vaccine Phase III

      COVID (SARS-CoV-2) vaccines Phase II

      RSV Live-attenuated vaccine Phase II

      Pertussis  Live-attenuated vaccine Phase I/II

    • CMV Vaccine Study

      CMV Vaccine Study Is Open for Recruitment

      The Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group at the Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne is inviting healthy females aged 16 to 40 years to take part in a clinical research study looking at an investigational CMV vaccine.

      Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a virus which is a major health concern around the world. CMV is a contagious disease and can affect people of all age groups. However, unborn babies are at greater risk of serious illness and lifelong disability if their mother has her first CMV infection during pregnancy.

      This clinical research study will look at the effectiveness of an investigational CMV vaccine in females of childbearing age.

      You may be eligible to participate in this clinical trial if you are:

      • - Aged 16 to 40 years
      • - In good health,
      • - Not pregnant or trying to get pregnant
      • - Have direct contact with children 5 years of age and under for at least 8 hours per week

      Participation will last for about 2.5 years and will include visits to the clinic and telephone calls to check your health. Reimbursement will be provided for travel and for your time.

      For more information contact the Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group on or (03) 8344 9325.

    Research Groups
    • Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group

      Based at the Doherty Institute, the Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group (VIRGo) works in partnership with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI, Infection and Immunity Theme). Our research enables us to advise policy makers on the optimal use of vaccines in national immunisation schedules, in pandemic influenza preparedness and response, and in vaccine safety. Our work provides practical bridges (translation) between theory and the real-world delivery of vaccine programs. VIRGo leads Vax4COVID, an alliance of experienced Australian vaccine clinical trial centres formed to facilitate the conduct of Phase II trials of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates.

      Lab Team

      • Head of Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group
      • Lani Shiels
        Research Manager
      • Marita Kefford
        Research Manager
      • Dr Briony Price
        Senior Research Officer
      • Dr Maryanne Griffith
        Business Development Officer
      • Dr Lana Horng
        Study Doctor
      • Clare Brophy
        Research Assistant
      • Janet Briggs
        Research Assistant
      • Annmarie McEvoy
        Research Assistant
      • Jane Ryrie
        Research Assistant
      • Samara Griffin
        Research Assistant
      • Anna Bourke
        Research Assistant
      • Bernie McCudden
      • Catherine Sheehan