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Professor Michelle Giles

Professor Michelle Giles

Professor Michelle Giles

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Head of Vaccine Research Group | Infectious Diseases Physician
Immunology, Viral Infectious Diseases
Public Health, Clinical and health systems research
Department of Infectious Diseases
Lab Group(s):
Vaccine Research Group

Professor Michelle Giles is a lead of the Clinical and Health Systems Research cross-cutting discipline and the Vaccine Research Group at the Doherty Institute. She is an infectious diseases physician and clinician scientist, with clinical appointments at Alfred Health, The Royal Women’s Hospital and Monash Health. She also has academic appointments at the Department of Infectious Diseases, University of Melbourne and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Monash University. Michelle specialises in infections in pregnancy and maternal immunisation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle has supported the Government’s responses with a focus on control of community transmission of infection, and in leading policy advice for the COVID-19 vaccination program.

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    Research Groups
    • Vaccine Research Group

      Based at the Doherty Institute, the Vaccine Research Group works in partnership with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI, Infection and Immunity Theme). Our research enables us to advise policy makers on the optimal use of vaccines in national immunisation schedules, in pandemic influenza preparedness and response, and in vaccine safety. Our work provides practical bridges (translation) between theory and the real-world delivery of vaccine programs.

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      Lab Team

      • Head of Vaccine Research Group | Infectious Diseases Physician
      • Lani Shiels
        Research Manager
      • Dr Briony Price
        Study Doctor
      • Dr Lana Horng
        Study Doctor
      • Dr Dima El-Sukkari
        Study Doctor
      • Clare Brophy
        Research Nurse
      • Janet Briggs
        Research Nurse
      • Annmarie McEvoy
        Research Nurse
      • Megan Hocking
        Research Nurse
      • Marita Kefford
        Research Manager
      • Ruby Drummond
        Research Midwife
      • Anna Cosgrave
        Research Midwife
      • Jeanetta Barker
        Logistics Officer
      • Dr Naomi Whyler
        PhD Student
      • Dr Stephanie Bond
        PhD Student
      • Dr Rachael Purcell
        PhD student