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Dr Patricia (Trish) Campbell

Dr Patricia (Trish) Campbell

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Senior Research Fellow
COVID-19, Viral Infectious Diseases, Bacterial and Parasitic Infections, Public Health, Indigenous Health
Computational Science and Genomics, Indigenous Health, Public Health
Department of Infectious Diseases
Lab Group(s):
McVernon Group

Dr Trish Campbell is an infectious diseases modeller with a background in mathematics. Trish has developed models across a diverse range of diseases, including COVID-19, pertussis, respiratory syncytial virus, scabies and group A Streptococcus. Trish’s predominant research interests centre around using modelling to inform infectious disease control policies, particularly in disadvantaged populations and settings with limited information available for model development, with a current focus on scabies and soil-transmitted helminths. Since March 2020, Trish has been a member of a multidisciplinary team modelling the anticipated clinical requirements of potential COVID-19 outbreaks in Australia and Pacific Island countries.

  • Key Achievements
    • Trish’s PhD research at The University of Melbourne into the drivers of pertussis spread and strategies to protect vulnerable infants was pivotal to the Australian Government’s decision to reinstate the 18 month pertussis booster on the National Immunisation Program. Internationally, this work has been translated into international infectious diseases policy through engagement with the World Health Organization. With a keen interest in training the next generation of researchers, Trish lectures Infectious Diseases Modelling at The University of Melbourne, supervises student projects across multi-disciplinary fields and runs short courses in the Asia-Pacific to build capacity in quantitative methods.

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