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Ngan-Ha Truong

Ngan-Ha Truong

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Implementation Manager
Antimicrobial Resistance
Clinical and health systems research
The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Guidance Group (RMH)

Ngan-Ha is a pharmacist and project officer at the Royal Melbourne Hospital's Guidance Group. She leads the implementation of projects for the Guidance Group which provides antimicrobial stewardship and system-based programmatic support for hospitals.

  • Key Achievements
    • Ngan-Ha has effectively managed the planning, coordination, and implementation of antimicrobial stewardship and Guidance programs in hospitals nationwide. Through strategic engagement with stakeholders, comprehensive training initiatives, and diligent monitoring, Ngan-Ha has helped to successfully establish AMS programs in several hospitals, leading to substantial reductions in broad-spectrum antimicrobial use, gram-negative resistance rates, and overall antimicrobial usage and cost. This achievement has not only positively influenced patient outcomes but has also solidified Guidance's position as an effective and prominent program within the field of antimicrobial stewardship.