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Mielle Abbott

Mielle Abbott

Mielle Abbott

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Public Health Project Officer
Viral Infectious Diseases
Public Health
Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL), WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis
Lab Group(s):
Cowie Group

Mielle Abbott is based at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis within VIDRL, where she is the Public Health Project Officer for the Coordinating Hepatitis Responses to Enhance the Cascade of Care by optimising existing Surveillance systems (CHECCS) project.

Mielle’s interest in chronic and communicable disease management was sparked after working as a registered nurse in the UK and Australia specialising in community and sexual health. This prompted her to pursue a Master of Public Health to shift her focus into population-based approaches. Prior to joining the Doherty Institute her role was Coordinating the Hospital in the Home service at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

  • Projects
    • Coordinated Hepatitis responses to Enhance the Cascade of Care by optimising existing Surveillance systems (CHECCS)

      CHECCS is a pilot program that has been funded by the Eliminate Hepatitis C Australia Partnership (EC Australia). Utilising Victoria's existing surveillance system and public health data environment, CHECCS aims to improve the delivery of care to Victorians living with chronic viral hepatitis by identifying people who have been diagnosed with viral hepatitis but have no evidence of follow-up testing or treatment. 

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    Research Groups
    • Cowie Group

      Ben’s group focuses on viral hepatitis epidemiological research. The team undertakes a broad range of activities supporting local, national and global control of viral hepatitis, through surveillance, treatment and prevention initiatives, and training and regional capacity building. 

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      Cowie Group