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Ling Wang

Ling Wang

Ling Wang

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Net SQL Programmer
Antimicrobial Resistance
Public Health
Lab Group(s):

Ling Wang is the Microsoft.NET/SQL developer for VICNISS. Ling completed a Master of Information Technology before joining VICNISS in 2008 as a software developer. Her postgraduate study covers many fields of software development such as database programming and web development. She has also acquired advanced training in Microsoft SQL Server technologies. Ling has expertise in ASP.NET and business intelligence with SQL Server.

  • Key Achievements
    • Since joining VICNISS, Ling has implemented a large number of analytical reports with SQL Server Reporting Services. They present various statistics of Victorian healthcare data and can be dynamically updated based on user queries at real time. Ling has also extended the functionalities of the website of VICNISS. She has contributed to many major updates of the website based on the latest web development technologies.

    Research Groups

      The VICNISS Coordinating Centre provides a state-wide, standardised surveillance service for healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and related events. The goal of VICNISS is to monitor and reduce the incidence of HAIs, providing support for health services in Victoria. VICNISS aims to support Victorian health services to carry out international best practice surveillance and analysis, and to lead interventions for quality improvement to improve the health of all Victorians.

      VICNISS provides a source of high quality data for regular performance monitoring, and for a valuable resource for the research community. Over the time of VICNISS surveillance, infection rates in key areas of focus have fallen markedly, reducing the significant financial and personal cost of these infections on both individual patients and the health system.

      VICNISS collaborates with the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship (NCAS), with a major involvement in aged care NAPS (ac-NAPS). VICNISS is also engaged by DHHS Residential Aged Care Services to carry out monitoring of infection control indicators in Victoria’s public residential aged care services, including participation in ac-NAPS.

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