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Leo Featherstone

Leo Featherstone

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PhD Candidate

Leo is a PhD candidate working on phylodynamic methods. After training in ecology, evolutionary biology, and mathematics (BSc Hons) & D-MATHSC), Leo worked as a research assistant in 2020 with Sebastian Duchene at the Doherty Institute. Here, he gained first-hand experience applying phylodynamic methods to emerging infectious disease threats and ancient DNA data (Y. pestis) across national and international collaborations. Each dataset imposed its own methodological challenges, inspiring the questions that Leo is tackling in his PhD. This work is conducted under the supervision of Dr Sebastian Duchene, Professor Ben Phillips (Curtin University), and Dr Tim Vaughan (ETH Zurich). 

  • Key Achievements
    • In 2020 Leo was award a ThinkSwisse Research Scholarship to do an internship at ETH Zurich. The collaboration initiated there became the basis of his PhD work. In 2022, Leo was awarded a Lionel Gell Foundation Travel Award to to present this work at an international conference (Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology 2022). He also presented his work at the 2022 Australasian Genomic Technologies Association conference as a runner up for their PhD scholarship.

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