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Joseph Musemburi

Joseph Musemburi

Joseph Musemburi

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Clinical Nurse Consultant
Public Health
The University of Melbourne, Victorian Infectious Diseases Service (VIDS)
Lab Group(s):
Victorian Tuberculosis Program Group

Joseph Musemburi is a Clinical Nurse Consultant with the Victorian Tuberculosis Program where he has been working since 2009. Joseph started his nursing career in Zimbabwe in 1986 before migrating to Australia in 2002 and has extensive experience in such areas as emergency, midwifery, infectious diseases, research, rehabilitation, community and public health. He has a very keen interest in migrant communities and networks, assisting new arrivals to settle and navigate differences in culture, languages, politics and health systems. Joseph also holds a master’s degree.

  • Research Groups
    • Victorian Tuberculosis Program Group

      Justin’s group specialises tuberculosis (TB) with an emphasis on latent TB and conducts activities ranging from expansion of theoretical foundations for understanding latency and risk associated with TB infection to socio-cultural engagement with communities at high risk for TB, and development of strategic public health policies towards TB elimination. The group includes researchers with expertise in a range of methodologies, including clinical research, epidemiology, mathematical modelling, ethics and interventional  research. 

      Lab Team

      Victorian Tuberculosis Program Group