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Professor Jason Trubiano

Professor Jason Trubiano

+61 3 94966676 |

Director of Infectious Diseases, Austin Health
Immunology, Antimicrobial Resistance
Clinical and health systems research
Department of Infectious Diseases
Lab Group(s):
Centre for Antibiotic Allergy and Research

Professor Trubiano is an Infectious Diseases Physician and Director of Infectious Diseases at Austin Health. He is an NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Department of Infectious Diseases. He is the laboratory head for the Centre for Antibiotic Allergy and Research (Austin Health) and his research explores health services programs for antibiotic allergy and novel diagnostics and pharmacogenomic predictors for severe T-cell mediated drug reactions.

  • Publications
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    • National Antibiotic Allergy Network (NAAN)

      The National Antibiotic Allergy Network (NAAN) is a collaborative group of mixed discipline clinicians and policy makers related to antibiotic allergy.

      The NAAN provides a repository of consumer and clinician antibiotic allergy protocols, policies and procedures, that can be disseminated and implemented nationally, in particular to aid sites with limited resources or experience with antibiotic allergy.  

      Visit the NAAN website for further information.

    • Australasian Registry for Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions (AUS-SCAR)

    • Predictors, Immunopathogenesis and Prescribing in Antibiotic allergy (PIPA)

      A multicentre prospective cohort study of antibiotic allergy. The study commenced in 2015 at Austin Health, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Alfred Health examining the impacts of antibiotic allergy testing on prescribing. Further, the study has ongoing recruitment of patients with severe delayed antibiotic hypersensitivities to collect blood for the development of novel diagnostics (IFN-y release Enzyme Linked ImmunoSpot Assay), immune profiling and pharmacogenomic assessment. 

      Visit the PIPA website for further information.

    • Randomised Control Trials (Antibiotic Allergy)


      A multicentre phase III study of oral penicillin allergy challenge in the outpatient setting.

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      A pilot randomised control trial of oral penicillin challenge in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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      A multicentre pilot randomised control trial of oral beta-lactam challenge in the perioperative setting.

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    Research Groups
    • Centre for Antibiotic Allergy and Research

      The Centre for Antibiotic Allergy and Research focuses on translational drug allergy diagnostics, health services interventions and antibiotic allergy clinical trials.

      Lab Team

      • Director of Infectious Diseases, Austin Health
      • Ms Effie Mouhtouris
        Research Assistant
      • Ms Fiona James
        Research Manager
      • Dr Ana Copaescu
        PhD candidate
      • Dr Joe Deluca
        PhD candidate
      • Dr Morgan Rose
        PhD candidate
      • Dr Kyra Chua
        Clinician Researcher
      • Infectious Diseases Physician
      • Ms Elise Mitri
        Project Manager
      • Ms Rebecca Hall
        Research Nurse
      • Ms Emma Goodall
        Research Nurse