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Dr Hasthi Dissanayake

Dr Hasthi Dissanayake

Dr Hasthi Dissanayake

(03) 8344 3257 |

Research Fellow
Viral Infectious Diseases
Global Health, Indigenous Health
The University of Melbourne, Department of Infectious Diseases
Lab Group(s):
Biggs Group

Hasthi is a Research Fellow in Indigenous Health and the trial coordinator for the Elcho Health and Wellbeing project. She has significant expertise in developmental origins of health and disease, specifically in cardiovascular physiology and non-invasive techniques for assessing vascular health. She was awarded a PhD from the University of Sydney in 2019 for her work in identifying newborns at risk of later cardiovascular disease. Her current work focuses on finding sustainable long term, culturally acceptable programs for the prevention of chronic diseases in remote Australian communities.

  • Key Achievements
    • Hasthi is an early career researcher and have received a number of domestic and international grants as an associate or chief investigator. After completing her PhD, she was the recipient of the University of Sydney’s Colin Sullivan Fellowship in Sleep Research where she supported the establishment of the highly innovative Cardio-Sleep Research Program, investigating the links between sleep disordered breathing and cardiovascular disease. In her most recent work, she has spent time working in a remote indigenous community in the Northern Territory.

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    Research Groups
    • Biggs Group


      Lab Team

      Biggs Group

      • Beth Hilton Thorpe
        Biggs Group Consultant
      • Ricardo Ataide
        Senior Research Fellow in Global Health Trials
      • Senior Research Fellow
      • Janet Pasricha
        Refugee Health Fellow
      • NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
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      • Josh Tynan
        Research Support Officer
      • Infectious Diseases Physician
      • Ben Harrap
        Research Assistant - Refugee Health
      • Christalla Hajisava
        Administration support
      • John Hayman
      • Jennifer Shield
      • Victoria Nikolakakis
        Honors student