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Dr George Kastrappis

Dr George Kastrappis is a junior postdoctoral research fellow in the Vincan-Tran research group co-headed by Professor Elizabeth Vincan and Dr Hoanh Tran, and a medical scientist in VIDRL’s Tissue Culture Based Diagnostics (TCBD) Laboratory, headed by Professor Elizabeth Vincan. George has extensive research expertise with mouse models of colorectal liver metastasis and liver regeneration. George completed his PhD in the Christophi group at Austin Health, studying the effect SAR131675, a VEGFR-3 inhibitor, has on colorectal liver metastasis and the immune microenvironment. In addition, he investigated how Captopril, an ACE inhibitor, influences liver regeneration using proteomics analyses. George also collaborated with the Vincan group during his PhD to provide human liver tissues from patients undergoing liver resection surgery to grow liver and colorectal cancer metastases organoids.

  • Key Achievements
    • Established novel in vivo mouse models of colon cancer liver metastasis to investigate the role of liver regeneration on colon cancer metastatic recurrence.

      Coordinated tissue collection from theatre at Austin Health and maintained a tissue BioBank database.

      Published five articles during his PhD in the Christophi laboratory at Austin Health.