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Professor Scott Bowden

Professor Scott Bowden

Professor Scott Bowden

(03) 9342 9615 | [email protected]

Head of Molecular Microbiology
Viral Infectious Diseases, Hepatitis
Translational and Clinical Research, Education & Professional Development, Global Health, Public Health
Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL)
Lab Group(s):
Bowden Group

Dr Scott Bowden is the Head of the Molecular Microbiology Laboratory at the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL) and is also an adjunct Professor in the Microbiology Department at Monash University. He has served on several Government committees formulating testing policies for hepatitis B (HBV) and (HCV), has published over 160 papers and is an expert on applications of molecular technology to the diagnosis of the hepatitis viruses.

  • Key Achievements
    • Some of the early milestones of Scott’s laboratory were establishing in-house HCV RT-PCR testing in 1991; performing the first HBV and HCV genotyping in Australia; establishing HBV PCR testing in 1992; and establishing the first Australian Quality Assurance panel for HCV RNA testing and for HCV genotyping. Scott’s laboratory remains at the cutting edge of technology having developed quantitative PCR assays for intrahepatic HBV covalently closed circular DNA, a crucial intermediate in the HBV lifecycle, and for identifying the variants associated with HBV drug resistance. More recently, the laboratory has adopted assays for the quantification of hepatitis B surface antigen. 

    Research Groups
    • Bowden Group

      Scott’s laboratory is the State Reference Laboratory for molecular testing of the hepatitis viruses and has been involved in outbreak investigation of hepatitis A, B, C and E for the Victorian Department of Health, as well as for other Australian states.

      Lab Team

      Bowden Group

      • Deputy Section Head of Molecular Microbiology / Head of Molecular Oncology Laboratory
      • Kathy Jackson
      • Rachel Hammond
      • Lilly Tracy
      • Sara Bonanzinga