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Dr Sarah Hanieh

Dr Sarah Hanieh

Dr Sarah Hanieh

(03) 9035 9939 | [email protected]

Infectious Diseases Physician
Global Health, Indigenous Health
The University of Melbourne
Lab Group(s):
Biggs Group

Dr Sarah Hanieh is a paediatric infectious diseases physician and post-doctoral Research Fellow in the International and Immigrant Health Group in The University of Melbourne’s Department of Medicine at the Doherty Institute. Sarah was awarded a PhD in Medicine at The University of Melbourne in 2015 for her work on maternal and early infant factors contributing to chronic undernutrition in infants in rural Vietnam. Her current research focuses on developing a predictive algorithm to identify infants at high risk of stunting in resource-constrained settings, and investigating the link between the gut microbiome and child undernutrition. 

  • Key Achievements
    • Sarah has worked in maternal and child health for over 16 years in a clinical, research and policy capacity with a number of non-governmental, academic and other international institutions including Medecins Sans Frontieres and the World Health Organization. She has previously spent time working in Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Liberia, South America, Ethiopia and Vietnam, as well as in indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. Sarah received a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) post-graduate scholarship from 2011-2014, a four-year NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship in 2016, and was awarded both the Chancellors Prize and Dean's Award for Excellence in a PhD thesis in 2016.

    Research Groups
    • Biggs Group


      Lab Team

      Biggs Group

      • Dr Sarah Hanieh
        Paediatrician and Early Career Research Fellow
      • Dr Thach Tran
        Early Career Research Fellow
      • Postgraduate researcher
      • Christelle Buffet
        Research Assistant (laboratory)
      • Dr Nga Thi Hoang Nguyen
        Research Assistant (epidemiology)
      • Dr Amir Ansari
        Honorary Fellow
      • Beth Hilton Thorpe
        International project administrator
      • Christalla Hajisava
        Administration support
      • Dr Nadia Chaves
        Infectious Diseases Physician and Refugee Health Fellow
      • Dr Joanne Gardiner
        GP and Refugee Health Fellow
      • Dr Thomas Schulz
        Infectious Diseases Physician and Refugee Health Fellow

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