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Dr Renate Schwab

Dr Renate Schwab is a junior post-doc in the Molecular Oncology research group headed by Professor Elizabeth Vincan. Renate has extensive research expertise with mouse and human models of colon cancer, with a focus on Wnt signalling, a molecular pathway that is critical for stem cell function. Renate completed her PhD in the Vincan group, studying the function of a Wnt receptor, Frizzled7, at the initiation of colon cancer and during tumour morphogenesis. Renate developed novel ex-vivo 3D tumour organoid technologies to dissect the transition from stem cell to cancer stem cell.

  • Research Groups
    • Vincan Group

      Elizabeth’s group investigates novel ways to block cancer growth with a focus on the gastrointestinal tract – stomach, bowel and liver. A cell-cell communication pathway called Wnt is hyperactive in these cancers. Their research shows inhibiting Wnt has potent anti-cancer effects.

      Lab Team

      Vincan Group

      • Medical Scientist / Laboratory Head
      • Dr Bang Manh Tran
        Research Fellow
      • Dr Hoanh Tran
        Senior Research Fellow
      • Dr Aurora Messina
        Senior Research Fellow (Honorary)
      • Dr Toby Phesse
        Senior Research Fellow (Honorary)
      • Research Fellow (Honorary)
      • Research Fellow
      • Jean Moselen
        Research Assistant/Medical Scientist (casual)
      • Dr Georgina Riddiough
        Trainee Surgeon/Researcher (Honorary)

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