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Dr Nadia Warner

Nadia Warner is a Virologist who leads the hepatitis B (HBV) pathogenesis group within the Research and Molecular Development lab at VIDRL. Since completion of her PhD in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of Melbourne in 2009, she has continued to work in the HBV field where she is recognised as an expert on antiviral resistance and in vitro analysis of HBV replication, with particular expertise in the HBV surface proteins.

Her current research focus is the pathogenesis and neutralisation of HBV infection by vaccine-induced or infection-acquired antibody.

  • Key Achievements
      • Developed novel assays to examine components of the HBV lifecycle that may be targeted by drug therapy, and defined the mechanism of action of novel HBV inhibitors, as well as their synergy/antagonism with current drugs.
      • Developed novel assays to analyse HBV pathogenesis at the single-cell level and as a world first has shown that some drug -associated HBV variants can be directly pathogenic.
      • Officially recognised by the Australian Centres for Hepatitis Virology as a Principal Investigator in 2013.
      • Received funding from NHMRC, ACH2, and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.
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