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Dr Melinda Ashcroft

Dr Melinda Ashcroft

Dr Melinda Ashcroft

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Postdoctoral Research Officer (Bioinformatics)
Antimicrobial Resistance
Computational Science and Genomics, Public Health, Clinical and health systems research
Department of Microbiology and Immunology (DMI)
Lab Group(s):
Williamson group

Melinda is a Postdoctoral Research Officer and Computational Microbiologist with a special interest in antimicrobial resistance, mobile genetic elements and the evolution of clinically relevant human pathogens. Melinda has skills in genomics, bioinformatics, evolutionary biology and population genetics and works both in basic research and in translating research into clinical use.

  • Key Achievements
    • Melinda completed a Masters of Biotechnology (commendation for academic excellence) in 2013 and was awarded her PhD from the University of Queensland in early 2019 investigating the roles of mobile genetic elements, antimicrobial resistance and DNA methylation in the evolution of Escherichia coli lineages. Melinda has presented at numerous local and national conferences, receiving the Australian Society of Microbiology Student Travel Award (2017) and the Bacterial Pathogenesis (BacPath) Conference Best Student Poster Presentation Award (2017). In late 2019 Melinda moved to the Williamson Group, working on Neisseria spp. and investigating transmission, population genetics, evolution and antimicrobial resistance.

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    Research Groups
    • Williamson group

      The Williamson research group focuses on the development and evaluation of new diagnostic tests, and the translation of genomic technologies to infectious diseases. Their research has directly influenced the way microbiology is applied to clinical practice and public health, including responses to antimicrobial resistance, sexually-transmitted pathogens and COVID-19. 

      Lab Team

      Williamson group

      • Postdoctoral Fellow and Lab Manager
      • NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow
      • Postdoctoral Research Officer (Bioinformatics)
      • Dr Marilyn Ninan
        Research Fellow
      • Dr Eike Steinig
        Research Fellow (Bioinformatics)
      • Dr Soo Jen Low
        Research Officer (Bioinformatics)
      • George Taiaroa
        Research Fellow
      • Jacqueline Prestedge
        Research Program Officer
      • Socheata Chea
        Research Support Officer
      • Bowen Zhang
        Research Support Officer
      • Cheryll Sia
        PhD Graduate Researcher
      • Dr Eloise Williams
        PhD Graduate Researcher
      • Dr Katherine Bond
        PhD Graduate Researcher
      • Dr Charlotte Bell
        PhD Graduate Researcher
      • Franca Azzato
        PhD Graduate Researcher
      • Sophie Herman
        Research Assistant
      • Mona Lisa Taouk
        Research Assistant