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Dr Maximilien Evrard

Dr Maximilien Evrard

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ARC DECRA Research Fellow
Discovery Research
The University of Melbourne, Department of Microbiology and Immunology (DMI)
Lab Group(s):
Laura Mackay Group

Maximilien Evrard is an ARC DECRA Fellow in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology. Maximilien graduated with a Masters of Science (First Class Honours) from the Paris Diderot University in 2012. He then pursed his PhD studies at the Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN, A*STAR) Dr Lai Guan Ng’s laboratory, where he discovered committed neutrophil precursors in the bone marrow. After completing his PhD in 2017, Maximilien joined Prof Laura Mackay’s group at the University of Melbourne, where he currently leads studies investigating the differentiation and function of tissue-resident memory T cells, with a particular focus on the intestine.

  • Key Achievements
    • Maximilien is an early career researcher and has made key contributions to the field of immune cell differentiation during health, infection and cancer, resulting in high impact first-author publications in leading journals such as Immunity and Journal of Experimental Medicine. Since completing his PhD in 2017, Maximilien has been awarded multiple competitive fellowships and grants to investigate the development and function of tissue-resident memory T cells, including a University of Melbourne McKenzie Fellowship (2018), an Australian Research Council (ARC) DECRA Fellowship (2023), a University of Melbourne project grant (2019) and an ARC Discovery Project grant (2020).

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    Research Groups
    • Laura Mackay Group

      The Mackay Lab studies memory T cell responses, with a focus on the signals that control tissue-resident memory T cell differentiation, and a view to harness these cells to develop new treatments against infection, cancer and autoimmune conditions.

      Lab Team

      Laura Mackay Group

      • Laboratory Head, Theme Leader in Immunology
      • Senior Research Officer
      • Dr Ali Zaid
        Senior Research Officer
      • Dr Thomas Burn
        Research Officer
      • ARC DECRA Research Fellow
      • Dr Raissa Fonseca
        ARC DECRA Research Fellow
      • Senior Research Fellow
      • Dr Josh (Hyun Jae) Lee
        Research Officer
      • Dr Kelly Paton
        Research Officer
      • Dr Tobias Poch
        DFG Walter Benjamin Programme Fellow
      • Dr Natasha Zamudio
        Laboratory Manager
      • Dr Pirooz Zareie
        ARC DECRA Research Fellow
      • Honorary Research Fellow
      • Keely McDonald
        Research Assistant
      • Allison Clatch
        PhD Candidate
      • James Dosser
        PhD Candidate
      • Rachel Evans
        PhD Candidate
      • Louis Hua-Yi Lee
        PhD Candidate
      • Andreas Obers
        PhD Candidate
      • Maleika Osman
        PhD Candidate
      • Justine Seow
        PhD Candidate
      • Hongjin Lai
        PhD Candidate (Visiting Scholar)
      • Joey Kuai
        Masters Student
      • Chloe Low
        Honours Student