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Dr Kevin Man

Kevin graduated from the University of Melbourne completing a combined Bachelors of Law (LLB) and Science (BSc) in 2008 before undertaking his PhD (2011-2015) at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in the lab of Axel Kallies, investigating the transcriptional and metabolic regulation of effector, memory and exhausted T cells. He underwent postdoctoral training at the University of California, San Francisco under Prof Ajay Chawla (2016-2020), studying the regulation of host defense and immunity by adipose-tissue dependent adaptive thermogenesis during malignancy and infection.  Currently, Kevin continues his postdoctoral training at the Peter Doherty Institute where he is researching the function, the molecular differentiation, and metabolic regulation of tissue resident memory T cells and stem-like exhausted T cells that arise in tumors, and during acute and chronic persisting infections.

  • Key Achievements
    • Kevin’s PhD studies, investigating the role of transcription factors in the regulation of T cell differentiation and metabolism resulted in several high-profile publications ((Man, K, Nat. Immunol., 2013; Nat. Rev. Immunol., 2015, Immunity, 2017).  He was awarded early careers fellowships from the Victorian Cancer Council (2015) and the Menzies CJ Martin Early Careers Fellowship (NHMRC 2016-current). During his postdoctoral training with Professor Ajay Chawla at UCSF, he was successful in obtaining a project grant from the Kenneth Raining Foundation (KRF Innovator Grant 2018-2020) for his work on adipose tissue dependent regulation of host defense mechanisms during bacterial sepsis, models of inflammatory bowel disease and colitis-associated colorectal cancer.  During his time at UCSF, he published several high-profile review articles and publications (Man et al. Cell Metab. 2017; Cell 2019, P.N.A.S 2020).

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    Research Groups
    • Kallies Group

      The Kallies group studies the molecular control of lymphocyte differentiation in response to antigen with a particular focus on T cells residing in non-lymphoid tissues, including tumors.

      Lab Team

      • Dr Jonas Blume
        Postdoctoral Researcher
      • Dr Sarah Gabriel
        Postdoctoral Researcher
      • Dr Patrick Gubser
        Postdoctoral Researcher
      • Research Fellow
      • Dr Daniel Utzschneider
        Postdoctoral Fellow
      • Renee Gloury
        Research Assistant
      • Teisha Mason
        Research Support Officer
      • Carlson Tsui
        Research Officer
      • Santiago Valle Torres
        PhD Student