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Dr Karen McCulloch

Dr Karen McCulloch

Dr Karen McCulloch

(04) 6758 7646 |

Research Fellow
Bacterial and Parasitic Infections, Hepatitis
Public Health
Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL)
Lab Group(s):
McVernon Group, Cowie Group

Dr Karen McCulloch is a mathematical modeller with current research aimed at reducing the burden of chronic hepatitis B infection in Australia. Part of her research will involve producing more robust estimates of hepatitis B indicators by updating and maintaining the current model for the transmission of hepatitis B in Australia. She is also involved a project aimed at improving the equity of hepatitis B treatment access and outcomes by informing spatial targeting of resources.  Karen’s research interests include using network models in epidemiology and mathematical models to understand disease transmission, with a particular focus on spatial models with applications to public health.

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