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Dr Jasminka Sterjovski

Dr Jasminka Sterjovski

Dr Jasminka Sterjovski

(03) 8344 3331 | [email protected]

Research Manager
Viral Infectious Diseases, HIV
Doherty Directorate, Doherty Department
Lab Group(s):
Lewin/Cameron Group

Dr Jasminka Sterjovski is Research Manager for the Doherty Directorate. Jasminka completed her undergraduate studies in Biomedical Science at Monash University followed by Honours at the Burnet Institute in 2002 in the area of HIV transcriptional regulation. She continued to work in HIV molecular virology for the following 11 years, completing her PhD thesis on HIV entry in 2008, followed by a successful postdoctoral, during which she established research collaborations that led to a successful National Health and Medical Research Council Development grant and a provisional patent. From 2012, she moved into the field of project management and then research management for the Department of Infectious Diseases. Jasminka has experience in grant applications and administration for local governmental and philanthropic funding bodies, as well as international funding agencies such as National Institutes of Health in the USA, American Foundation for AIDS Research, and the Wellcome Trust.

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    Research Groups
    • Lewin/Cameron Group

      The main focus of the Lewin-Cameron laboratory is to understand why HIV infection persists on antiretroviral therapy, to develop new strategies to eliminate latency and to define the biological determinants of immune reconstitution and factors that drive liver disease in HIV-hepatitis B virus co-infection.

      Lab Team

      Lewin/Cameron Group

      • Associate Professor Paul Cameron
        Joint Lab head
      • Dr Jasminka Sterjovski
        Research Manager
      • Julia Stout
        Project Manager
      • Dr Jennifer Audsley
        Post-doctoral Research Fellow
      • Dr Jenny Anderson
        Post-doctoral Research Fellow
      • Dr Vanessa Evans
        Post-doctoral Research Fellow
      • Dr Renee van de Sluis
        Post-doctoral Research Fellow
      • Dr Jori Symons
        Post-doctoral Research Fellow
      • Dr Michael Roche
        Post-doctoral Fellow
      • Ajantha Rhodes
        Lab Manager
      • Surekha Tennakoon
        Research Officer
      • Ashanti Dantanarayana
        Research Assistant
      • Simin Rezaei
        PhD student
      • Dr Kasha Singh
        PhD student
      • Talia Mota
        PhD student
      • Dr Michelle Yong
        PhD student
      • Dr Matthew Pitman
        PhD student
      • Youry Kim
        PhD student
      • Zuwena Richardson
        PhD student
      • Ashish Nair
        Casual RA
      • Haoming Liu
      • Wei Zhao
        Research Fellow
      • Jared Stern
        Honours Student

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