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Dr Dale Christiansen

Dr Dale Christiansen

Dr Dale Christiansen

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Senior research officer
Viral Infectious Diseases, Hepatitis
Discovery Research
Department of Microbiology and Immunology (DMI)
Lab Group(s):
Torresi Group

Dr Dale Christiansen has extensive research experience in transplant immunology, glycobiology, cellular biology and virology. Dale did his undergraduate studies in the UK then decided on a change of scenery and migrated to Melbourne. After completing his PhD at the University of Melbourne and a postdoctoral stint at The Austin Research Institute, he returned to Europe and worked in measles virus research in France. Several years later he returned to the Department of Surgery, Austin Health, looking at transplant rejection. For the past couple of years he has also worked in a team developing a broad-spectrum vaccine against Hepatitis C.

  • Key Achievements
    • Dale was awarded a Marie Curie Research Fellowship and a Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale Fellowship in France. He returned to Australia with a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Howard Florey Centenary Fellowship. He was awarded the McKenzie Fellowship for Experimental and Applied Transplantation Research from the Transplant Society of Australia and New Zealand and a New Key Opinion Leader award from the International Transplantation Society. Dale has had support from the NHMRC and funding from international bodies as a co-investigator on Roche Organ Transplantation Research Foundation and JDRF grants.  

    Research Groups
    • Torresi Group

      Joe’s group is focused on hepatitis virology including work on hepatitis C vaccines and neutralising antibody responses and hepatitis B and C pathogenesis. In addition, his group conducts clinical research in travel medicine including dengue and other arboviral infections.

      Lab Team

      Torresi Group

      • Senior research officer
      • Dr Ruth Chin
      • Ms Linda Earnest Silveira
      • Ms Shessy Torres

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