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Dr Brad Gilbertson

Dr Brad Gilbertson

Dr Brad Gilbertson

(03) 8344 3867 |

Senior Research Officer
Viral Infectious Diseases, Influenza
Discovery Research
Department of Microbiology and Immunology (DMI)
Lab Group(s):
Brown Group

Dr Brad Gilbertson is a senior research officer in Professor Lorena Brown’s laboratory. He completed his Bachelor of Science (Honours) and PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2002. His early research with Associate Professor Christina Cheers investigated changes in cytokine production during chronic mycobacterial infection with a focus on specific versus bystander activation of T lymphocytes during infection. He joined the influenza laboratory of Professor Brown in 2004 where he set up the reverse genetics system to generate reassortant influenza viruses. He used these viruses as a tool to determine the viral target of a novel inhibitor of influenza virus found in mouse saliva. Current projects include understanding the factors that govern influenza gene reassortment with a particular focus on investigating the co-segregation of influenza PB1 and NA gene segments during reassortment/packaging.  

  • Key Achievements
    • Brad is highly proficient in generating recombinant and reassortant viruses using reverse genetics that has led to the genesis of many projects in the laboratory utilising this technology. He has published 20 articles in refereed journals such as the Journal of Immunology, Journal of Virology, Vaccine and Infection and Immunity. He has been a peer-reviewer for international journals.

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    Research Groups
    • Brown Group

      Lorena’s group is dedicated to understanding different aspects of influenza virus structure and replication, as well as the host immune response to the virus that may impact on disease outcome. They study areas of vulnerability that can be targeted by vaccines and therapeutics to control seasonal and highly pathogenic isolates.

      Lab Team

      Brown Group

      • Senior Research Officer | Leader, Doherty COVID-19 Antiseptics Platform
      • Senior Research Officer
      • Sanja Trifkovic
        PhD student
      • Robert Allen
        PhD student
      • Patricia Lee
        PhD student
      • Emily Fairmaid
        Research Assistant
      • Charley Mackenzie-Kludas
        Research Assistant
      • Wy Ching Ng
        Research Assistant
      • Michael Marazita
        Technical Assistant
      • Takuji Daito

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