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Dr Bang Tran

Dr Bang Tran

Dr Bang Tran

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Research Fellow
Viral Infectious Diseases, Host Pathogens Interactions
Discovery Research, Translational and Clinical Research
The University of Melbourne
Lab Group(s):
Vincan Group

Dr Bang Tran is a junior postdoctoral research fellow in the Molecular Oncology research group headed by Professor Elizabeth Vincan. Bang has extensive research expertise with mouse and human models of liver cancer, with a focus on Wnt signalling, a molecular pathway that is critical for stem cell and cancer cell function. Bang completed his PhD in the Vincan group, studying the oncogenic interplay between hepatitis B viral infection and Wnt signalling in liver cancer. Bang developed novel ex-vivo 3D tumour organoid technologies to dissect the impact of viral proteins on oncogenic Wnt signalling. His discoveries impact all Wnt-addicted cancers.

  • Key Achievements
      • Established novel 3D liver organoid models (in partnership) to identify mechanisms that drive Wnt-addicted cancers.
      • Currently sterring a translational research initiative with the first organoid Biobank, established in the Netherlands by Professor Hans Clevers, on behalf of the Vincan lab. This initiative enables the lab to establish diverse organoid models of human disease.
      • Co-invester on a successful NHMRC ideas grant awarded to Professor Vincan, to continue his research to understand how the Wnt signalling pathway can maintain normal tissue but also drive cancer in these tissues when incorrectly activated.
    Research Groups
    • Vincan Group

      Elizabeth’s group investigates novel ways to block cancer growth with a focus on the gastrointestinal tract – stomach, bowel and liver. A cell-cell communication pathway called Wnt is hyperactive in these cancers. Their research shows inhibiting Wnt has potent anti-cancer effects.

      Lab Team

      Vincan Group

      • Senior Medical Scientist / Laboratory Head
      • Dr Bang Manh Tran
        Research Fellow
      • Dr Aurora Messina
        Senior Research Fellow
      • Dr Hoanh Tran
        Senior Research Fellow (Honorary)
      • Dr Toby Phesse
        Senior Research Fellow (Honorary)
      • Research Fellow (Honorary)
      • Research Fellow
      • Jean Moselen
        Research Assistant/Medical Scientist
      • Dr Georgina Riddough
        PhD student