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Viral Hepatitis, laboratory capacity, diagnostic testing, surveillance, advocacy, education, workshops, training, policy, monitoring and evaluation, needs and situational assessments, laboratory analysis

WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis
Project leader(s): Associate Professor Benjamin Cowie
Collaborator(s): World Health OrganisationWHO Western Pacific Region, National Reference Laboratory, Philippines Department of Health

Training to new staff regarding cell culture and isolation of influenza viruses, as well as to advise on different tests that could be implemented at RITM to test for the sensitivity of influenza viruses to currently used antiviral drugs

WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza
Project leader(s): Professor Patrick Reading
Collaborator(s): Research Institute of Tropical Medicine
Funding: World Health OrganisationCentres for Disease Control and PreventionPacific Community

Outbreak response training for national influenza centres