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Lecturing on influenza pathogenesis including the risk of avian influenza and the relevance to Indonesia, vaccine adjuvants and understanding and controlling influenza.


The Victorian Tuberculosis Program 
Project leader(s): Associate Professor Justin Denholm
Collaborator(s): Ministry of Health

Vaccine and adjuvant development

Jackson group
Project leader(s): Professor David Jackson
Collaborator(s): Bio Farma
Funding: Global Institute for Collaborative Research and Education

Avian influenza in village chickens – risks of emerging infection

McVernon group
Project leader(s): Professor Jodie McVernon

Diagnostic support, mentorship, training, laboratory capacity strengthening

WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza
Project leader(s): Professor Patrick Reading
Collaborator(s): National Institute of Health Research Development
Funding: World Health OrganisationCentres for Disease Control and PreventionPacific Community

Malaria immunity & pathogenesis

Rogerson group
Project leader(s): Professor Stephen Rogerson
Collaborator(s): Eijkman Institute