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  • Research Groups
    • Bowden Group

      Scott’s laboratory is the State Reference Laboratory for molecular testing of the hepatitis viruses and has been involved in outbreak investigation of hepatitis A, B, C and E for the Victorian Department of Health, as well as for other Australian states.

    • Cowie Group

      Ben’s group focuses on viral hepatitis epidemiological research. The team undertakes a broad range of activities supporting local, national and global control of viral hepatitis, through surveillance, treatment and prevention initiatives, and training and regional capacity building. 

      Other work areas include:Public Health

    • Locarnini Group

      The current major research interests of Stephen’s group includes viral hepatitis and antiviral chemotherapy with an emphasis on the basic virology of hepatitis B virus, the molecular pathogenesis of hepatitis, as well as prevention and public health control measures.

    • Nicholson Group

      Suellen's group fulfills a dual mission of providing a technically first class, reliable diagnostic, reference and public health service to the healthcare system, and being an innovative, adaptable, forward-looking component of the scientific community and a valued collaborator in research projects, not just in Victoria, but nationally and in the region.

      Other work areas include:HIV

    • Revill Group

      Peter’s group investigates the role of different HBV genotypes and variants in the HBV life cycle, disease progression and treatment response. This includes the role of splice variants, which his team has shown are predictive of liver cancer.

    • Walsh Group

      Renae’s group studies key HBV proteins to predict clinical response during chronic disease towards understanding the interaction with/recognition by the host antibody response to clear infection, and how the antibody response might be enhanced to promote viral clearance and cure. 

    Clinical Research

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    Current projects

    • Hepatitis HIV

      A surveillance program for the detection of hepatitis B virus (HBV) resistance to tenofovir (TDF) in HIV-HBV co-infected patient

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    • Hepatitis

      Characterising Hepatitis B in northern Australia through Molecular epidemiology - longitudinal cohort study

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    • Hepatitis

      Liver Cancer Prevention: linking viral hepatitis diagnosis, treatment and outcomes

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    • Hepatitis HIV

      Long-term persistence of HIV in the liver and the clinical impact on HIV-HBV co-infection (CHHANEL)

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    • Hepatitis HIV

      Towards a Functional cure for HBV: exploiting lessons from HBV-HIV co-infection

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