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The International Coalition to Eliminate Hepatitis B 

The Doherty Institute, together with Melbourne Health, the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Hepatitis (ANRS) and the International HBV Meeting, created the International Coalition to Eliminate Hepatitis B (ICE-HBV) in 2016. Inspired by the initiative “Towards an HIV Cure” of the International AIDS Society, ICE-HBV seeks to accelerate scientific progress in hepatitis B (HBV) cure research. The Coalition supports the discovery of a safe, affordable, scalable and effective cure, available to everyone living with HBV including children.

The ICE-HBV vision is for an international, independent, research-based and patient-centered forum to coordinate, promote and foster collaborative partnerships working towards a cure for HBV. Under the leadership of Professor Fabien Zoulim from ANRS and Associate Professor Peter Revill from the Doherty Institute, ICE-HBV convenes four scientific working groups on virology, immunology, innovative tools and clinical sciences with the aim of defining a multidisciplinary research roadmap and performing collaborative translational research to advance science in priority areas. ICE-HBV consults with key HBV stakeholders such as patient’s representatives and global public health institutions to ensure the relevancy of its research priorities.

ICE-HBV also works to coordinate and promote existing HBV cure events, encouraging their focus on translational science. In addition, it seeks to foster travel scholarship programs and prizes for junior investigators and researchers from developing countries. 

Please download the ICE-HBV brochure for more information.