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Our Work

Institute Themes

The Doherty Institute has expertise and is internationally renowned for its work from ‘bench to bedside’ in the following four themes: 

The Doherty Institute has world-leading scientists working to understand how the human immune system recognises infectious agents and enables an effective response to not only eliminate infection, but also develop immunological memory, which is vital for the discovery and development of new vaccines and therapeutics.

The Doherty Institute specialises in research, surveillance, diagnosis, treatment and cure of a range of viral infectious diseases, with a particular focus on:

The Doherty Institute is focused on addressing the increasing threat of antimicrobial resistant (AMR) pathogens and acquisition of healthcare associated infections, particularly through surveillance and research.

Bacterial and Parasitic Infections

The Doherty Institute focuses on the research, diagnosis and treatment of a range of Bacterial and Parasitic Infections, with a particular focus on