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The START HIV-1 Reservoir Sub-study

Currently, there are no data regarding the association between CD4+ cell normalization or the CD4+ apogee (highest CD4+ cell acquired on cART) upon HIV reservoir size. Previous work has shown that the average CD4+ cell count in healthy people is approximately 900 CD4+ cells. The achievement of 900 CD4+ cells (i.e. CD4+ cell normalization) was likelier and faster in HIV+ people who commenced cART with > 500 versus < 500 CD4+ cells, when controlling for whether they initiated ART before or after 4 months of their estimated date of HIV infection. Fifty-five percent of individuals commencing cART after four months of HIV infection and with > 500 CD4+ cells were able to achieve normalization within approximately three years of suppressive cART.

This study is now closed to recruitment.

Coordinating Principal Investigator

Dr Edwina Wright
+61 390766078

Principal Investigator (Doherty)