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Cognitive criteria in HIV: greater consensus is needed


Lucette A. Cysique, Bruce J. Brew, Jane Bruning, Desiree Byrd, Jane Costello, Kirstie Daken, Ronald J. Ellis, Pariya L. Fazeli, Karl Goodkin, Hetta Gouse, Robert K. Heaton, Scott Letendre, Jules Levin, Htein Linn Aung, Monica Rivera Mindt, David Moore, Amy B. Mullens, Sérgio Monteiro de Almeida, Jose A. Muñoz-Moreno, Chrispher Power, Reuben N. Robbins, John Rule, Reena Rajasuriar, Micah J. Savin, Jeff Taylor, Mattia Trunfio, David E. Vance, Pui Li Wong, Steven P. Woods, Edwina J. Wright, Sean B. Rourke


Nature Reviews Neurology, Volume 20, Issue 2, 2024-02-01

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  • Burnet Institute
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing
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  • National Association of People with HIV Australia
  • HIV+Aging Research Project-Palm Springs
  • St Vincent's Centre for Applied Medical Research
  • National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project