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A specialized tyrosine-based endocytosis signal in MR1 controls antigen presentation to MAIT cells


Hui Jing Lim, Jacinta M. Wubben, Cristian Pinero Garcia, Sebastian Cruz-Gomez, Jieru Deng, Jeffrey Y.W. Mak, Abderrahman Hachani, Regan J. Anderson, Gavin F. Painter, Jesse Goyette, Shanika L. Amarasinghe, Matthew E. Ritchie, Antoine Roquilly, David P. Fairlie, Katharina Gaus, Jamie Rossjohn, Jose A. Villadangos, Hamish E.G. McWilliam


Journal of Cell Biology, Volume 221, Issue 12, 2022-12-05, Article number e202110125

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