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Towards Equitable Access to Public Health Pathogen Genomics in the Western Pacific


  • Lin, Chantel
  • da Silva, Endang
  • Sahukhan, Aalisha
  • Palou, Theresa
  • Buadromo, Eka
  • Hoang, Tuyet
  • Howden, Benjamin P


The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific, Volume 18, 2022-01-31

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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest and understanding of th utility of pathogen genomics across the Western Pacific region. Access to genomic data enhances surveillance and response to COVID-19, and will also support surveillance of other infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistant pathogens. Models of access can be determined based on intended purpose, use and sustainability. Achieving equitable access to genomics across the Western Pacific will contribute to the development of a regional public health genomics network to respond to major disease threats in the future.