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Melbourne-made covid vaccines show robust potential for boosters

22 Dec 2023

Melbourne-made covid vaccines show robust potential for boosters

In a major coup for the Doherty Institute and the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, our two COVID-19 vaccines went head to head in a Phase 1 clinical trial in 2022. The interim results have just been published in the Lancet’s eBioMedicine journal and found that both have strong potential to be an improved approach for boosting immunity to SARS-CoV-2 variants.

In this episode we unpack the interim results from the trial with Professor Terry Nolan. Terry is a paediatrician and clinical epidemiologist. He is also the Head of the Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group at the Doherty Institute and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which led this Phase 1 clinical trial.


Publication in The Lancet’s eBioMedicine
Nolan, Terry M. et al. Interim results from a phase I randomized, placebo-controlled trial of novel SARS-CoV-2 beta variant receptor-binding domain recombinant protein and mRNA vaccines as a 4th dose booster. eBioMedicine (2023). DOI:

Recent article published by the Doherty Institute about the study

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