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Episode 7: COVID-19 Treatments Part 2 - The Indian experience

19 May 2021

Episode 7: COVID-19 Treatments Part 2 - The Indian experience

In this special two-part episode, we explore the role of COVID-19 treatments in the pandemic.

From the very beginning, vaccines have been touted as the way out. We’ve all watched in real-time as various technologies have been developed, produced, tested and injected into people’s arms around the world.

In part 1 we spoke with Associate Professor Steven Tong. An Infectious Diseases Physician at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and Co-Lead of the Clinical Research Discipline at the Doherty Institute, Steve is also Lead Investigator of the AustralaSian COVID-19 Trial, or ASCOT.

In the part 2 we speak with Professor Vivek Jha who is the Executive Director of the George Institute, responsible for coordinating ASCOT in India. He speaks very candidly about life in India during this disastrous second wave and the importance and challenges of conducting a clinical trial during this time.

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