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Autoimmune skin conditions could be treated by targeting T cells

08 Dec 2023

Autoimmune skin conditions could be treated by targeting T cells

Our immune system is made up of many types of cells. Many people will have heard of T cells that fight infection, but did you know there are many different subsets of T cells?

In this episode we're talking all things tissue-resident memory T cells with the author of a new study that has found new ways to remove immune cells that cause skin autoimmune diseases, like psoriasis and vitiligo, without affecting protective cells that fight infection and cancer.

Dr Simone Park is an immunologist who holds an Honorary position at the Doherty Institute after completing her PhD with Professors Thomas Ghebhardt and Laura Mackay, and is currently a Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Her work aims to understand how the immune system responds to infection and cancer. 

Show notes:

Publication in Science
Park S, Christo S, et al. Divergent molecular networks program functionally distinct CD8+ skin resident memory T cells. Science (2023). DOI: 10.1126/science.adi8885

Recent article published by the Doherty Institute Hope for autoimmune skin disorder sufferers with new immunotherapy strategy

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