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21 Dec 2017

Welcome Professor Axel Kallies and his group to the Doherty Institute

We very pleased this week to officially welcome Professor Axel Kallies to the Doherty Institute. 

Axel Kallies is an internationally recognised expert in the field of lymphocyte biology. His work has established key transcription factor networks driving the differentiation of plasma cells, cytotoxic T cells and suppressive regulatory T cells.  
He has authored 84 publications in the area of immunology. Most papers were published in top-ranked international journals. They attracted >6500 citations, with a current citation rate of >1000/year and an h-index of 39.
His group joined the Doherty Institute early this year, from WEHI, and has now officially moved in. They aim to support and be actively involved in the establishment of an Institute Bioinformatics unit that would support analysis of next generation sequencing and single cell data.

Welcome Axel and his group!