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27 Mar 2024

Vaccination through the ages: Miegunyah Distinguished Fellowship Public Lecture by Prof Chakraborty

The 2024 Miegunyah Distinguished Fellowship Public Lecture was presented by Professor Arup Chakraborty, John M. Deutch Institute Professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Chemical Engineering.

History is full of stories about plagues and contagion. Because of better sanitation and vaccines, many inhabitants of the 21st century had forgotten about the human and economic toll of infectious diseases - the COVID-19 pandemic was a vivid reminder.

The rapid development of effective vaccines during this pandemic also reminded us of the impact of vaccines on well-being. Indeed, vaccination has saved more lives than any other medical procedure.

In his public lecture Vaccination through the ages, Professor Arup Chakraborty discusses the historical evolution of the development of vaccines through six centuries, tracing the path of scientific and technological advances along with stories about the people who led these efforts, and the health impacts of vaccination and beyond.

Watch the lecture via the link below:

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