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03 May 2021

Setting it Straight: My World Immunisation Week

As I write this, we’re again in World Immunisation Week (WIW), so I’m pausing my exploration of clinical trials to reflect a little on what’s happened since I first wrote around this topic. Back then, I reflected on the deep history of immunisation/vaccination and promised further commentary to follow. As the year progressed, my main focus was to tackle the basics of infection and immunity in ways that might be comprehensible, useful and maybe even entertaining for a general reader. In general, the immune system is infinitely complex, so there is a way to go with that! Still, as COVID-19 vaccine rollouts began seriously in the northern hemisphere from early 2021, it was obvious that I could procrastinate no longer re discussing vaccines. Hopefully, what I’ve written in #43 – #52 has been of some use. There will, as events unfold, undoubtedly be more to follow.

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