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04 Nov 2019

Dr Lynette Beattie receives MJ Gething Gender Equity Award

Dr Lynette Beattie received an MJ Gething Gender Equity Award, which is an early career researchers grant to support research profile development while caring for a young family.

Dr Beattie is a senior research officer the Bill Heath's Group and is fascinated by the immune system and its complexity.

She is looking at a very specialised cell type and its immune responses to malaria. The information that she and the research team discover in this project will lead to a greater understanding of how our bodies can fight infection and may also have implications for the development of vaccines against malaria.

Now, as a MJ Gething Gender Equity Award recipient, Dr Beattie has obtained additional support to build her research profile as she manages the primary carer responsibilities of her young children with those of her research career.

This year, Dr Beattie will travel to Canberra to participate in the NHMRC Ideas Grant Peer Review Panel and to China in 2020, to attend the International Gamma-Delta T cell Conference where she will network with peers and form new collaborations with research leaders and experts.

“These represent significant development opportunities and would not have been possible without this Award,” Dr Beattie said.

The MJ Gething Gender Equity Award was established in 2018 through a donation to the School of Biomedical Sciences from the Gething-Sambrook Family Trust. The Award provides grants of up to $5,000 each year to support Early Career Researchers to build their profile and maintain research progression while also caring for immediate family members.

Professor Emeritus Mary-Jane Gething was the first female Head of Biochemistry at the University of Melbourne and together with her late husband, Professor Joseph Sambrook, formed the Gething-Sambrook Family Trust.

Applications for the MJ Gething Gender Equity Award close on 30 November 2019.

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