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29 Sep 2022

Doherty researchers awarded 2023 Dame Kate Campbell Fellowships

Congratulations to the four University of Melbourne’s researchers at the Doherty Institute – Professor Sammy Beddoui, Dr Sidonia Eckle, Dr Jennifer Juno and Associate Professor Linda Wakim – for receiving prestigious Dame Kate Campbell Fellowships from The University of Melbourne in recognition of their outstanding research performance. 


Professor Sammy Bedoui is a Laboratory Head and co-lead of the Discovery Research cross-cutting discipline at the Doherty Institute. His research has shed new light into understanding how dendritic cells integrate multiple signals into protective immunity against infections. His ongoing work looks into the mechanisms by which T cells ‘help’ dendritic cells in driving immune responses. 

“I very much value these awards for recognising significant contributions that improve how the Faculty and the wider University works,” Professor Bedoui said.   

“Such contributions are vital and enabling for so many, but these often-time consuming efforts often fail to be recognised through Fellowship schemes or national funding bodies.” 


Dr Sidonia Eckle is an immunologist and Group Leader of the MAIT Cell Program at the Doherty Institute. Her research, at the cross-roads of cellular immunology and biochemistry, focuses on understanding the role of MAIT cells in infectious diseases and allergies and on developing MAIT-cell based therapies and vaccines.  

“I am thrilled to have been awarded this Fellowship which I see as a great recognition for my research group. Thanks to the Faculty for their ongoing support!” Dr Eckle said.  


Dr Jennifer Juno is a Senior Research Fellow at the Doherty Institute. Her research focuses on HIV, tuberculosis and influenza, with an emphasis on T cell biology. She is particularly interested in unconventional T cell and Tfh responses. 


Associate Professor Linda Wakim is an immunologist and Laboratory Head at the Doherty Institute. Her research focuses on harnessing local cellular immunity to protect against respiratory pathogens. Together with her team, Dr Wakim is currently working towards developing improved vaccines and treatment approaches for respiratory infections. 

About Dame Kate Campbell Fellowships 

Named after noted Australian physician and paediatrician Dame Kate Campbell, from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS), the Dame Kate Campbell Fellowships (DKCF) were designed to recognise and reward outstanding research performance and demonstration of Faculty values. The assessment of applications looks at discipline-relevant academic productivity, research impact, national and international research standing, leadership (relative to career stage), engagement and demonstration of Faculty values. 

The Fellows are appointed based on academic bench marking metrics, research impact, national and international research standing, leadership, engagement and adherence to the MDHS’s values and strategic priorities.