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31 Jul 2018

AIDS 2018: Professor Sharon Lewin’s Amsterdam Anecdote

We asked the Doherty Institute's contingent who headed to Amsterdam for the 22nd International AIDS Conference to share their insights. On the final day of AIDS 2018, we spoke to Doherty Institute Director, Professor Sharon Lewin via Skype about her key takeaways from the conference.

From a research perspective, she spoke about the move to two HIV drugs when traditionally treatment required three, and summarised two studies that were presented at the conference on HIV cure research, unfortunately both had disappointing results.

What makes these International AIDS Conferences unique is the emphasis on community, and AIDS 2018 was no exception with some very powerful talks by those living with HIV.

And lastly, Professor Lewin proudly highlights the talented bunch of researchers at AIDS 2018 from the Doherty Institute.