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14 Aug 2018

A Hypothetical: The Twist in the Tale

The outbreak continues unabated, spreading to all states. The experts hypothesise how the public may respond to sensationalised headlines and the rapid spread of this unknown virus.

There’s also a rise in sexually transmitted infections, both at state and federal level. Family lawyers around the country are complaining they are severely overworked with an unprecedented number of couples wanting divorces.

What’s the connection between these phenomena and our novel virus?

In this episode, in speaking order:

  • Dr Julian Druce, Virus Identification Laboratory Head, Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory, Doherty Institute
  • Professor Julian Savulescu, Philosopher and Bioethicist, Oxford University
  • Professor Kit Fairley, Director, Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic
  • Professor Brendan Murphy, Chief Health Officer, Australian Government
  • Dr Katherine Gibney, Infectious Diseases Physician and Medical Epidemiologist, Doherty Institute