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07 Aug 2018

A Hypothetical: A New Frontier

As we enter the second episode of the series, our experts have identified the pathogen as a strain of the Borna virus, a disease usually found in horses; they now know what they are dealing with. In this episode they examine the obstacles they face when dealing with a new pathogen; from research and ethics through to healthcare. 

In this episode, in speaking order:

  • Dr Julian Druce, Virus Identification Laboratory Head, Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory, Doherty Institute
  • Dr Irani Thevarajan, Infectious Disease Physician, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Doherty Institute
  • Dr Mike Catton, Medical Virologist, Director, Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory, Doherty Institute
  • Professor Brendan Murphy, Chief Health Officer, Australian Government
  • Dr Katherine Gibney, Infectious Diseases Physician and Medical Epidemiologist, Doherty Institute
  • Professor Fabienne Mackay, Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Melbourne, Doherty Institute