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25 Jun 2019

Organoids Are Us 2019

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25 Jun 2019
All day

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Davis Auditorium

Organoids, lab-grown miniature models of organs, are transforming science and medicine.

Researchers have developed them from a vast array of organs, including the gut, stomach, liver, brain and kidneys to understand how tissues develop and repair.

Organoids established from healthy tissues are proving to be excellent models of natural infection as they recapitulate the essential features of organs. Organoids can also be generated from tumour cells to mimic cancers and help predict how an individual will respond to a drug – making personalised medicine a reality.

This symposium includes talks by researchers using organoid technology in advancing our understanding of stem cells, cancer and infectious disease.


Keynote speakers 

  • Dr Tokameh Mahmoudi, Netherlands - a former scientist in the laboratory of Professor Hans Clevers’, who leads the organoid revolution, currently works on organoid infection models using human liver tissue. 
  • Prof Rob Ramsay, Melbourne - has pioneered tumour organoid research exploring tumour infiltrating lymphocytes in colorectal cancer patient samples.

Invited speakers

  • Dr Alex Combes, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, VIC, Australia
  • A/Prof Ron Firestein, Hudson Institute of Medical Research, VIC, Australia
  • Prof Peter Gibbs, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC, Australia
  • A/Prof Fred Hollande, VCCC University of Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Prof Dena Lyras, Monash University, VIC, Australia
  • Prof Andrea O’Connor, University of Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Prof Elizabeth Vincan, Doherty Institute, VIC, Australia
  • Dr Susan Woods, SAHMRI, SA, Australia

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