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20 Apr 2018

Organoids Are Us

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25 Jun 2018
All day


CLICK HERE to see the program for the the upcoming Organoids Are Us Symposium. This event will feature presentations from international experts, including: Hans Clevers, Ram DasGupta, Nick Barker, David Virshup and Arial Zeng.

Organoids, lab-grown miniature versions of organs, are transforming science and medicine. Researchers have grown them from many different organs to understand how tissues develop and repair. These organoids established from normal tissues are proving to be excellent models of natural infection. Organoids can also be generated from tumour cells to mimic cancers and help predict how an individual will respond to a drug – making personalised medicine a reality. Prof Hans Clevers started the organoid revolution and will deliver the plenary talk. This symposium includes talks by leaders in the field on the central role of Wnt signalling and organoid technology in advancing our understanding of stem cells, cancer and infectious disease.

Contact Elizabeth Vincan for more information.